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Rush Magazine Thailand Pdf 83 [2022-Latest]




Posted: 5:29 pm 3rd February 2012 By Josh Miller. Sunday morning, I looked at my screen and saw an email from my students. I thought, “Good, I'm being noticed!” But there was another email. From students I didn't even know. It read: "I heard a podcast about your class on social media. It sounded great, but I thought I'd email you first to see if you know about it, and if you know, to say thanks for sharing.” Huh. Confused, I checked their websites and soon found out that this was a recent attack on my class by a Google employee. The email explained how a student had looked at one of my student blogs and forwarded it to Google as an example of what could happen when students learn social media. The student then forwarded the blog to his teacher who forwarded it to Google. Google then published a blog post about my class and suggested that students do a search for it and listen to the podcast. Some students had even emailed me about their experiences at Google. Others had told their friends about the episode, spreading the virus that my class was a topic worthy of a podcast. “I didn't even realize I was being blogged about,” I told the students. “This is crazy!” “I'm so sorry,” said the student who forwarded my blog to Google. “I'm not upset with you. I'm upset with Google for exposing your class.” As if that wasn't enough, a few days later another Google employee made an email that didn't even mention my class. Instead, the employee provided a link to a blog that he was writing about a new technology that he called the “Couch Potato” and how it was changing society. That blog article also contained a podcast that I had made with my students about the same technology. My students had already been discussing this same technology. So this was an article about a new technology that I had been using in my class, but published by an employee who was not even assigned to our department, and who had not even taught our course, and who could not be bothered to research what we had already been covering. Instead, he wrote an article and podcast about a new technology and then emailed it out to the entire company? This made me feel as if I were talking to a big bully. And I was. He was using my class as a punching bag and calling me a pedant for not understanding



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Rush Magazine Thailand Pdf 83 [2022-Latest]

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